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Olina Ventsel
Entrance to the museum of dolls «Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova»
Book «A Fragile image of the perfection»

Olina Ventsel's Author's porcelain dolls of a museum of dolls «Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova»

The realm of dolls at «Anastasia Chizhova Gallery» will reveal some amazing and miraculous aspects of reality. The diversity of life itself is incarnated in the works of a wonderful artist Olina Ventsel.

Olina Dmitrievna Ventsel is one of the most prominent and recognized doll-makers in Russia. She was a successful puppet-maker and a stage manager at theaters and motion picture studios for a long time.

And she has been creating unique author’s dolls in historic costumes: theatrical compositions based on Shakespeare’s plays, Venetian carnival and real historical events for over twenty years.

In her works she religiously follows the historical precision: uses antique fabrics, laces and accessories relevant to the epoch in the fashion of which doll clothing is made.

Her dolls exhibitions “The Pushkin Ball” held at the Russian Culture Foundation, State Pushkin Museum, and Central House of Artists were devoted to the 200th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin. Olina Ventsel is also the author of 11 dolls “The Romanovs Dinasty” and the dolls created on the basis of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tales.

These characters took their fitting places at the largest world museums and collections. They are triumphant not only in Russia but yet abroad (Moscow, Amsterdam, New York, Venice, Paris, Copenhagen, etc.). Her major and most valuable works are concentrated in Moscow in the collection of «Anastasia Chizhova Gallery».

«Anastasia Chizhova Gallery’s» efforts in introducing creative works of Olina Ventsel to the public were highly appreciated by the jury of Moscow International Festival “Traditions and Contemporaneity” held at Manezh at the beginning of 2007. Porcelain doll «Magic image of Venice» was recognized as the «Best author’s work» in the nomination «Applied art».

Dolls exhibition held in May 2007 in Moscow at the State Pushkin Museum was a great success. Over a hundred porcelain dolls gathered at “Masquerade at Pushkin Museum”. Coloring, illumination, music and animation added to creation of a fairy-tale theatrical atmosphere leading spectators to Russian and Venetian carnivals of the past. Connoisseurs of dolls art estimated the true worth of unique works - full height porcelain dolls. Today Olina Ventsel is the only master in the world who knows the secret of making full height porcelain dolls.

«Anastasia Chizhova Gallery» obtained the most complete collection of porcelain dolls by Olina Ventsel. Visitors of the exposition hall designed as theatrical scenery have an opportunity to get acquainted with a unique diversity of the author’s works: tiny and full height dolls, dolls wearing historic costumes, fairy-tale and literary characters, portrait dolls of historical figures and our contemporaries; other affecting images of charming women, and rare for this kind of art but not less expressive male images.

«Anastasia Chizhova Gallery» is a home for Olina Ventsel’s dolls, a real hearth for Anna Karenina and Shakherezada, Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin and Winston Churchill. Contemplation of Ventsel’s dolls is like reading fairy-tales. And one cannot but love fairy-tales! It was the charm of Olina Dmitrievna’s that motivated opening of dolls gallery and share their light and joy.

Dolls gallery is the place for the parents to go with their children, as each adult deep inside experiences a childish magic and fairy-tale feeling as when playing with dolls and each child «learns through entertainment» – his interest in the dolls helps acquire knowledge of literary characters, mankind history and art.

We would like to invite you to visit our exposition hall or our web-site with a virtual dolls gallery and information on gallery activity.

Author’s doll is a piece of art created by a talented artist of supreme skill, quality and taste. For those looking for an original gift «Anastasia Chizhova Gallery» has prepared exclusive gift sets: author’s baby-doll + house-box for a hand-made doll.

Porcelain dolls with mobile skeleton made in the image and likeness of antique dolls of the 19th century is a limited edition. Their costumes are historically precise and made of antique lace. Collection dolls go with Olina Ventsel’s certificate confirming their authorship and authenticity.

If you are looking for an exquisite and valuable gift for your director, business partner or your sweetheart, please, contact us.

Interior doll is an up-to-date and stylish trend of modern design. Its delightfulness and elegance will beautify and decorate the atmosphere of your home. If you want to buy a doll, please, call the gallery +7-499-250-57-57, +7-985-420-81-55.

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