In 2007 Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova put forth a book “A Fragile Image of the Perfection. Olina Ventsel’s Artist Dolls” devoted to creative work of the prominent Russian artist and doll-maker. The author of the book Boris Goldovsky is a qualified specialist in the sphere of doll art, one of the directors of Obraztsov Puppet Theater, Director of Obraztsov Fund, Master of Art History, theater historian. Actually his book is one of the first profound works on art history devoted to author’s dolls in Russia

The narration begins with a retrospective journey into the history of dolls, their evolution and existence in various social statuses from ceremonial and every day object to a valuable piece of art. Details concerning types and purposes of dolls, large dolls-producing companies of last centuries, and most remarkable dolls collections in the world are of great interest. The author pays special attention to the history of dolls in Russia, dolls manufactories and workshops. Readers may get acquainted with new author’s doll-makers of the 30s of the ХХ century.

The other part of the book is the author’s meditation on the personality and creative work of Olina Ventsel. Bearing in mind all the greatness of the artist’s contribution to art and her plans for the future Boris Goldovsky comes to the conclusion that thanks to Olina Ventsel’s creative imagination and immensity of plans the genre of author’s interior doll has the promising future in Russia.

The book is saturated with rare miniatures, reproductions, antique photos of people and dolls of the past and pictures of Olina Ventsel’s works. The introduction to the book is written by the gallery owner Anastasia Chizhova.

The tailpiece displays “Dolls Gallery” – list of description of Olina Ventsel’s dolls in the possession of Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova.

Magazine «Vash Dosug»
July12-22 No.28, 2007

Author’s dolls seem to be in fashion today – they have been the fanciest gift among wealthy people for the past few years. No wonder for each of them is unique and exclusive – you’ll find nothing of the kind! The book about creative work of the famous theatrical artist will strike a chord with all dolls admirers.

Olina Ventsel is the most prominent “doll’s mother” of our country; her luxurious, delicate and charming porcelain children live all over the word in royal palaces, millionaires’ mansions and private collections. It would be impossible to gather them all together in one, though very big exhibition hall but it can be easily done under one cover.

Enigmatic Venetian girls, Pushkin, Andersen and Moliere’s characters, reverent heroines of Russian classics – sorrowful poor Lisa, charming old-fashioned ladies (like those in Turgenev’s novels), noble Anna Karenina, glamorous ladies in historic costumes of different epochs and famous Ventsel-branded portraits of Faina Ranevskaya, Vladimir Vysotsky, Oleg Yankovky, Yury Nikulin, Andrey Mironov and even The Beatles.

«Moscow News»
No. 33, 2007 (24.08.2007)

Churchill, Lennon and others

Clarissa Pulson

Boris Goldovsky. A Fragile Image of the Perfection. Olina Ventsel’s Artist Dolls. - Moscow: Design House.

Mysterious gold-haired Venetian girls, Pushkin’s characters, heroes of Moliere and Andersen, old-fashioned ladies (like the ones of Turgenev’s novels), glamorous ladies in historic costumes of different epochs and nations, the whole gallery of images – kings and queens including our contemporaries, Napoleon and Churchill, Ranevskaya, Smoktunovsky and Vysotsky, Yankovsky, Nikulin, Dal, Lennon and McCartney...

Diverse and manifold dolls of one and the same origin might populate the whole city.

You cannot see them all together: author’s and interior dolls are in demand and yet in fashion so they don’t stay home (Olina Ventsel’s workshop) for long.

They have been gathered together in a unique book-project. The authors decided to weld the history of dolls beginning with legendary Pandora and very first sacral objects to the story of the most prominent Russian doll-artist within a book with superior design and high-grade graphics.

As the result we have an album for reading – the author is one of the directors of Obraztsov Puppet Theater and an art critic Boris Goldovsky, and contemplating.