Boris Goldovsky
«A Fragile Image of the Perfection. Olina Ventsel’s Artist Dolls»
(Moscow, Design Hause, 2007)

“A Fragile Image of the Perfection” is the first book published in Russia in which a unique research of history, aesthetics and techniques of interior dolls was made. The book reveals a new “parallel” world of dolls with its own secrets, discoveries and perspectives.

Publication of the book was initiated and supported by «Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova». The book itself is a masterpiece of publishing art (Publishing Company “Design-House”, graphic designer E. Dukelskaya). In this book you will find unique pictures, photos and drawings of best interior dolls created within several centuries.

The special role is assigned to the traditions of Russian interior doll-makers, particularly to the creative work of Olina Ventsel who developed her own unique “palace” style and brought to life such projects as “Mankind History”, “Puschkin’s Ball” and “Venetian Carnival”.

As a book of an exclusive content and a breakthrough of Russian book industry “A Fragile Image of the Perfection” remains an object of intense interest of readers and foreign publishers.