“Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova” together with Book House publishing company is in the process of publication of a book about Olina Ventsel’s creative work.

The project is unique for this book not only portrays an outstanding artist, the creator of one-of-a-kind interior dolls, but yet for the first time reveals to the reader a vast, still unexplored by both Russian and foreign publishers world (history, philosophy, technology) of artistic author’s dolls.

The author of the book is Boris Goldovsky, a theater historian, a critic and an art expert, a director of the world known Puppet Museum under the Central State Academic Puppet Theater named after S.V. Obraztsov, an acting director of the Puppet Theater and a head of S.V. Obraztsov Fund.

Boris Goldovsky is the author of encyclopedia “Puppets” and a number of articles, books and documentaries on history, theory, dramatic composition of puppet theater.