On the 30th of January in Paris in Russian Center of Science and Culture an exhibition “Dolls Mankind History” arranged by Moscow Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova and Russian International Center of Cultural and Scientific Cooperation (Roszarubezhtsentr) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will take place.

It will not be an ordinary exhibition but a dramatic and dynamic show. Porcelain characters coming from different countries and different epochs, dressed in perfectly designed costumes will appear before the Parisians in multimedia environment. Sound and light effects, expressive video sequence will intensify the emotional comprehension of the exhibition, incline to meditation. Its characters, like guiding lights, will lead spectators from one epoch to another to make them take a thought of true and false values of life, of transience and fragility of existence.

The author of the collection, the world-famous artist Olina Ventsel was sure that all people of our planet are interconnected by space and time. Imposing Akhenaten and enigmatic Nefertiti are found side by side with Napoleon and Joséphine, Genghis Khan and Churchill, all and all 44 characters.

Some of them will meet guests in the lobby; serve champagne and hand out bright advertising leaflets and booklet: actors will appear in the role of dolls. A screen movie will dwell upon the Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova, its achievements and success.

The exhibition closes on the 11th of February.