Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova has prepared exclusive gift sets composed of the author’s baby-doll and a small chest to keep its dresses and accessories. The author is the prominent Russian doll-master and artist Olina Ventsel, whose works can be found in museums and private collections all over the world.

A porcelain doll is made in the fashion of the 19th century dolls. Limited edition. It’s a 44 cm tall doll with the face hand-painted. The author used antiquarian laces for the costume. Doll’s hat and shoes of genuine leather with underlay are hand-made. The doll goes together with certificate confirming the authorship and authenticity.

Thanks to its flexible structure the doll can change the posture: another turn of the head or hand curving – and a small lady swings from thoughtful to cheerful…

The inside of chest made of fine woods is upholstered with velvet and satin. It’s a hand-made chest designed in an ancient folding technique. It may serve as a bed, a house or a drawer. The combination of fabrics, wood species and trimming is unique for every chest.

Price of the gift set is 150 000 rubles.

Author’s doll is a piece of art created by a talented artist of superior proficiency, sense of style and irreproachable taste. Its charm and elegance will flourish and renew the interior of your home.

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