Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova is glad to inform of an important event it has been waiting for a long time: its official opening ceremony that took place on December 7. The Gallery was open for public before; but now you may enjoy the variety of fascinating novelties.

There are “Ceremonial” and “Mirror” halls that host Olina Ventsel’s dolls. They have much more space now. Antique dolls hall is a novelty; here you may find some rare exhibits of over 100 years old. Olina Dmitrievna as a real expert acquired these pieces for Gallery collection at different corners of Europe and Moscow flea markets.

Gallery interior has also changed. Through the entrance door you will immediately step into an old-time Moscow street. Let us keep other tricks invented by Olina Dmitrievna together with designers in secret, but you will hear the sounds of this street: clatter of horses' hoofs on the pavement, children laughing, and melody of music box…

Just a few words on the ceremony itself: it was a delightful but yet a very sad event due to the fact that Olina Ventsel, the soul and the heart of the Gallery, deceased on the 17th of November. The attendants held a moment of silence to pay the tribute to the memory of the Master. The International Fund “Pilar” posthumously conferred Olina Ventsel the highest public award of the Russian Federation – the Order “For revival of Russia. XXI century”, which was delivered to her son Alexander Krylov.

Representatives of Russian International Center of Cultural and Scientific Cooperation (Roszarubezhtsentr) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow as well as famous public figures in the sphere of culture, television and press were among the guests of the ceremony.

Actors Evgeny Steblov, Alena Yakovleva, Director of the State Cultural Center and Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky Nikita Vysotsky (in her day Olina Ventsel presented this Museum with Vladimir Vysotsky doll wearing a Hamlet costume) shared their memories of Olina Ventsel with the guests.

Famous artist Nikas Safronov, whose character was visualized as a “Cavalier” doll, autographed the book of honorary guests with the following dedication: “Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova is the best thing about dolls that we have in Russia today”.

Gallery owner Anastasia Chizhova and its Director General Alexander Genkin spoke on the plans and perspectives of further development. Gallery staff looks forward to bringing Olina Ventsel’s plans to life and further improvement. One of the projects involves arrangement of extraordinary exhibitions using advanced multimedia technics. One of such exhibitions will take place in the nearest future in Paris from 30 January till 11 February, 2008.

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