Under the USA president’s Barack Obama visit to Russia the charity performance took place in the Stanislavsky and Nemirovitch-Danchenko musical theater. The holiday was arranged for inmates of Children's Homes, social-rehabilitation centers and schools of Moscow city and Moscow region.

The arriving of State First Ladies was delayed, but children were having fun, singing Russian songs “Katusha” and “Podmoskovnie vechera”, playing and amusing their-self. There was no time to be bore. There were a number of amazing exhibitions to see under the glass-ceiling of the atrium. Painted Russian dolls “Matreshkas”, carved caskets, ceramic toys produced by Russian Association of folk craft and the exhibition of unique porcelain dolls, organized by the Gallery of Anastasia Chizhova attracted everybody’s attention for a long time. Children from the camp of young astronauts, that was arranged under the patronage of Moscow Government, were long looking upon unusual visitants – soldierly “Genghis Khan” and beautiful “Nefertiti”, fairy “Shacherezada” and the buffoon…Everybody made pictures with wonderful porcelain dolls of the Gallery. This unusual holiday welcome about 1000 kids.

When distinguished guests arrived, the concert had begun. Every performance was followed with ovations of the audience. The State Academic ensemble of the folk dance named after Boris Moiseev, the State Academic dance ensembles “Berezka”, “Russian song” of Nadezhda Babkina were rotating, arousing honest admiration. This charity holiday was highly estimated by State First Ladies of Russia and USA. Svetlana Medvedeva and Mishelle Obama expressed honest thanks to facilitators and participants. But little boys and girls are the main people, who will remember this day for all their life.