The largest in Europe International Fair of dolls and Teddy bears takes place at “Ahoy” Exhibition center (Rotterdam, Holland) on November 3-4. Doll’s world elite meets here: artists from Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Japan, Israel and America. The fair attracts visitors from all over the world; admirers of dolls and bears come here even from Japan, America and Australia!

The fair has a number of longstanding traditions. At master-classes any visitor guided by a proficient can create a doll or a bear. Such classes help to distribute information of new tendencies, methods and achievements in doll industry. At the fair one can make an appointment with a “doctor” who can fix and restore dolls and Teddy bears right on the territory of the Exhibition center. The collectors of antiquarian dolls and bears will get an opportunity of free expert consultation, finding out their price constituents.

The fair offers the artists exclusive materials for their creative work and accessories for the dolls: wigs, fabrics, clothing, footwear, furniture and many others. Books and magazines of antiquarian and modern dolls and toy-bears are always available here.

Best works of the exposition will be awarded “Silver Doll’s Ring” and “Silver Teddy Bear Ring” following the results of the visitors’ vote. Articles of the winners will be published in “Poppen” and “Teddybeer” magazines.

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